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Shaving without getting razor bumps

Here you’ll find the 3 best tips about how to shave your armpits and pubic area, as a woman and man, without getting razor bumps or razor burns.

The Problem for a woman

Razor Bumps on Public Area

You’ll soon go on a vacation or just want to have a good looking bikini area when you work out or when you’re at the swimming pool and that’s why you shave some tiny hair that always appear again.

But soon afterwards, the annoying razor bumps appear, the skin gets irritated and sometimes you’ll also get an unbearable itching.

All that doesn’t look good, doesn’t feel good and is just annoying.

Every remedy, cream and lotion doesn’t really you help with this problem?

On this site you’ll surely find some tips that you’ve never heard before and solutions which will also help you to shave, especially in the pubic area, without getting razor bumps.​

The problem for a man

You have to get rid of the 3, 5 or 15 day old beard again?

Or does your girlfriend want you to be as smooth as a mirror in the pubic area, so that sex is more fun?

“Good”, you think to yourself. No problem. Let’s use plenty of shaving foam and then shave everything with a razor. Everything looks nice and clean in the beginning? Just a little bit of after-shave balm and that’s it...

...that’s what you think!

Do you also get the annoying razor bumps or skin irritations and at some point, when the boxer shorts chafe, it’s getting so unbearable that you wish you wouldn’t have shaved?

And this annoying feeling isn’t worth the sex or the love, is it?

Razor Bumps Man

But don’t worry! I can also help you - there are ways and remedies for you to not get razor bumps and skin irritations after shaving anymore. So read the following tips thoroughly.

I’ve created this site, because I also got this annoying razor bumps after shaving. It bothered me so much that I stopped shaving altogether after some time.

But this wasn’t a solution either and after some time this topic really made me so sick that I looked for every home remedy and solution available, until I eventually found something that worked perfectly for me.

Now I’d like to show you every choice that you have and what you should pay attention to, if you also want to get rid of these annoying razor bumps for good.

What does really help with razor bumps in the public area?


It’s important to not look for only one solution, one cream or for one lotion. I’ve made the experience that there are three important things which can help every woman and every man to have a smooth, non-itching and beautiful skin after intimate shaving.

If everything already happened... it’s usually too late.

So it’s important that you shave correctly.

Examine if you’re shaving correctly, by using the following reference points, especially if you have sensitive skin in the pubic area.


The correct pretreatment

  1. Trimming the hair beforehand
    It’s easier for the hair and especially for the hair root, if you’re trimming the hair beforehand, in case they’re longer than, for example, 1cm.
    Somebody who shaves regularly should, of course, not have such long hair, but especially the first time, it’s important to trim the hair, preferably with an electric razor, this way the close shave will be easier and more pleasant.
  2. Using sharp and new razor blades
    Usually you consider yourself too good for a new blade. But depending on the quality of the blades, they can get dull very quickly. So better invest the money in a good blade and change it when you notice that it’s not cutting properly anymore, but rather pulls the hair. Because it’s exactly this pulling that eventually leads to razor burns and skin irritations.
  3. Using shaving gel and/or shaving foam
    For many it’s probably obvious, but I still want to mention it. Shaving gel softens the hair and thus when you shave the hair will be cut and not pulled out. I recommend shaving gel, because it works way better than just shaving foam.
  4. Shaving with the grain
    Actually there are only two ways to shave. Most people’s hair grows from top to bottom. So if you also shave from top to bottom, then you’re shaving with the grain. This is the gentle and pleasant shaving direction, for the skin.

    Sometimes and especially when you’re in a rush, you can’t get rid of all the annoying hair this way, so you also shave against the grain. And this is exactly what’s straining the skin and creating skin irritations, which then can lead to razor bumps or razor burns and itching.

    I also shave in some areas against the grain, where it’s really difficult, but I try to shave mostly with the grain, especially in the beginning.

Tip: In order for the razor blade to remain sharper for a longer time, don’t place the sharp blade face down, after the shaving and rinsing, because this leads to corrosion. Instead just turn it around - so the water drops run-off over the dull part.

With the right preparation you now hopefully have a beautiful, smooth skin, with only very little skin irritations.

You can’t avoid it entirely, if you also want to shave the difficult parts in the pubic area, I know that, so a good preparation and a good shave isn’t enough to prevent razor burns and razor bumps.

It has definitely gotten better for me, with the correct preparation - but especially the annoying itching and razor burn didn’t go away completely.

That means that more aids are needed, which is what I’ll talk about now.


Home remedies that are effective against razor bumps

There are some home remedies that are more or less effective.

I’ve tried them all and sometimes they work for me and sometimes not (I don’t know why!) and sometimes it’s to bothersome to use them - but I want to be so fair at this point and present you these home remedies; maybe they’ll work better for you. Nothing ventured nothing gained. 🙂

  1. Cold water
    Clever and simple, right? Just put and rub cold water on the pubic area or the areas which were shaved, after you’re done with the shaving. This way the skin pores will close faster, which supposedly will lead to less razor bumps. (It didn’t work for me :-o)
  2. Baby oil / baby powder
    Just rub the shaved skin with baby oil - this is also supposed to prevent razor bumps and razor burns. But this also didn’t work for me. But I wanted to tell you about it 😉
  3. Potato starch
    Yes! I really serious. Potato starch really helps. I’ve tried it myself. You shave you pubic area or arm pits ordinarily, then you put some cold water there, dry yourself gently and then you just take simple, regular potato starch (can be bought everywhere) and you spread it there and apply it very gently on the skin. This works the same way (but more effectively) as baby powder. It worked for me temporarily and if I, for example, shaved thoroughly, slowly and with good preparation, I really didn’t get any razor bumps in the first couple of hours.

    But depending on what you’re doing afterwards, you have to apply it again after a couple of hours. This is, of course, also depending on when you’re taking a shower the next time, how much you sweat or what you wear.
  4. Wide pants / boxer shorts -> Creating little friction
    Friction also lead to skin irritations. So try to shave shortly before you go to bed, where you, for example, won’t move anymore afterwards and wear wide clothes, so that they don’t chafe all the time and cause an itching.

You’ll get pretty far with these tips and you already know all the important things to make it as unlikely as possible for razor burns and razor bumps to appear.

But sometimes all of that still doesn’t work.

I accidentally found a special BALM, which was created for women and men, who still have to deal with razor burns, itching and razor bumps after intimate shaving, despite being careful and having a good preparation.


The solution that works best

Yes, there really is one. The panacea.

I’ve searched a long time for it and now I’ve finally found it.

Dr. Severin

​Dr. Severin Women Body Aftershave Balm

I really don’t exaggerate when I tell you that it really helps to get rid of the razor bumps after every intimate shaving.

It’s no lotion and no after-shave and it has a unique effect and function.

Okay, enough with the dreaming, now I want to explain to you what it is, what it can do and especially where you can get it.

What kind of balm is it?

The balm (similar to a lotion) is a product, that was developed by Dr. Severing, especially for the pubic area and the arm pits, which cools, protects and takes care of the skin and thus prevents razor bumps, skin irritations and razor burn.

It was particularly designed for shaving, waxing and the epilation of the arm pits, legs and pubic area and thus it’s so effective.

It’s also, of course, antibacterial, free of aluminum, alcohol and silicones and also vegan and made without any animal tests.

Does it really work that well?

Oh yes. I was skeptical at first, after I’ve already tried many different things. So why should this balm, which is actually almost the same as a lotion, really help? While the others only cooled the skin and the razor bumps and burns appeared anyway?

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s only due to the active substances or the ingredients or a combination of both, but the stuff really helps. I shaved as described above and afterwards I applied the balm from Dr. Severing and I have to say that it cools the skin pleasantly and smells a little bit like rosemary. And the most important thing: It protects the skin so much, that no razor burns or razor bumps appear afterwards. The skin is smooth, groomed and soft. ​

Where can you buy DR. Severin Body Aftershave Balm?

By now the balm can be bought in many pharmacies or on the Internet on Amazon. The 200ml container is very economical and lasts about 2-3 months, if you shave regularly. But the price is a little bit higher than one would expect. But it’s worth it, because it’s economical and because it’s the only product on the market which promises and delivers this result.

By the way, it has 4 of 5 stars on Amazon with incredible 288 customer reviews.

I hope I could help you with my little help page.

If you have any questions, just write me an email.